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Archive for: November, 2023

1:46 am

Business Website Checklist

Search Engine Visibility Low search engine ranking can bury your website beneath competitors... SSL Certificate and HTTPS A lack of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification and HTTPs protocol... Mobile-Friendly Design With a majority of users accessing websites through mobile devices... Addressing Broken Links and 404 Pages Broken links frustrate visitors and harm your site's credibility...[continue...]

12:45 am

Essential for Every Business Website

In today's digitally driven world, a business's website is the gateway to its online success. Whether it's a bustling e-commerce platform or an informative corporate site, maintaining a high-performing digital presence is essential. And one of the keys to achieving and sustaining this is through regular website audits. Why are these audits so crucial? Let's[continue...]

12:59 am

SSL Certificates in 2024

They're Not Just for Ecommerce Anymore When you hear about SSL certificates, the first thing that might come to mind is online shopping. And yes, they've been a staple for securing ecommerce websites for years. But here's the thing: SSL certificates are no longer exclusive to ecommerce. Their significance has expanded far beyond just online[continue...]

7:46 pm

Virtual Servers Hosting

What is Virtual Server Hosting? Virtual Private Server hosting is similar to shared hosting, except that instead of sharing the physical server with multiple clients, you are placing your entire website on the same server. This is beneficial because you can then utilize the server for as long as you like. During off times, or[continue...]